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Talking about the solid waste management. There are 4 types of solid waste management companies mainly for collecting waste in Victoria province in UK.

1. Waste Management company which is into developing of projects(which means that you setup the project by getting a contract from the Gov. and work on BOOT/BOT model — Build own operate transfer). In this you as the concessionaire (project executioner) need to do the project investment and whatever revenue you generate is part of your income for a period of say 25–30 years. The government on their part give you the land on lease (at a very nominal rate), tipping fees or help in electricity tariff fixation (if you are generating power).

2. Waste management Tech company — Which provides technology to the waste management company which are project developers (as mentioned above). These companies do not put investments in such projects but provide solution to the project developers.

3. Waste management company which is both a Project developer and Technology company — Few companies has the capability to do both, unless they want to prove their tech and project execution capabilities in India as a showcase for future clients in this industry.

4. Same as the third one, however the intent of the company is to earn from the projects as well earn from the technology they provide to other clients(project developers)

a. Which of the above three category your waste management come into?

i. If its first then there is no dearth of projects available, you just need to finalize a tech. company and understand the cost structure and feasibility model in India

ii. If you are 2nd then it will boil down to the fact what is your cost competitiveness compared to other players in the market and overall feasibility of the project revenue from the project.

iii. If you are 3rd, it’s a costly option for you but then advantage is that once you do the project and put your tech in place this works as a showcase project and technology, then other clients in India and elsewhere get automatically attracted.

iv. If you are 4th, it really shows that you have given a good thought that India is a long term market and you want to stay here

Hazardous wastes are generally better managed in India than municipal solid wastes because the companies which generate hazardous wastes are mandated to treat their waste and will be fined heavily if they don't. Therefore, there is an incentive for industries to send them to proper treatment and disposal facilities. This means there is a market and that you could make money by being in this business. It also means there are existing players.

All e-waste recycling in Victoria is through the informal sector and has deleterious health impacts on the workers, the public at large and the environment. There is a great need for new models and entrepreneurs to make a dent in this space. So all these are done by 0800 waste in the area of Victoria.