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Commercial waste disposal company Waterloo

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These are the jobs done by 0800 waste in Waterloo. Since its inception in 1907, Plastic has been dominating the planet with productions skyrocketing after the 1950s. Around 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic have been produced since the 1950s, most of which have either ended up in landfills or oceans.

Considering it the major problem in the commercial waste disposal system in Waterloo some of the major steps has been taken by 0800 waste.

PRODUCTION- Plastic is a very broad term and mostly consists of polymers with varying properties and features. Most of the plastic is produced from petrochemicals, but the demand for specialised plastics has been in the rise for quite a few decades. In light of the global mass pollution of plastic, the production of biodegradable or recyclable plastics is promoted by governments.

These are some REDUCTION STRATEGIES that are already in place in some part(s) of the world-

1. NON-USAGE or REDUCTION IN USAGE - This has to happen on a personal level. Avoiding plastic bags, cups, foils, wraps, bottles can be effective if it becomes a lifestyle. Living plastic bag free is not as hard as you think.

2. COLLECTION - This is the most crucial and labour-intensive part of the recycling process. Due to lack of manpower and adequate automated systems due to the private waste management departments like most of the trash end up in oceans or landfills. Different kinds of plastic needs to be recycled differently. A single mobile phone contains 12 different types of plastic. Mostly collection is done by government agencies. They either provide different trash cans for different kinds of plastic or collect it as a whole and sort it out in the recycling plant.

Some of the innovative collection methods are mentioned below-

a) BIO-DEGRADATION- Microorganisms like Flavobacterium, Pseudomonas can degrade Nylon 4/6 and Styrene. Pestalotiopsis can consume polyurethane. Acinetobacter, Sphingomonas, Pseudomaonas can degrade 40% of polyethene in 3 months. Aspergillus, Nocardia and Geotrichum can cause breakdown of PVC, PET and polycarbonate respectively. Bio-degradation has detrimental effect on global warming as it releases a lot of methane.

b) INCINERATION- This causes carbon emissions and release of carcinogens into the environment. Controlled high temperature incineration with flue gas treatment is used now a days. It is one of the most used method of plastic disposal

c) LANDFILL- Landfill is the most commonly used technique of waste disposal. Many countries have banned the disposal of untreated waste in landfills. In these countries, only certain hazardous wastes, ashes from incineration or the output of biological treatment plants may still be deposited.(d) Plastic recycling.


a) Plastic Roads-
- A revolution in building roads
Roads made from waste plastic. Indian Plastic Roads
b) Plastic homes
c) Plastic bricks
e) 3D printing-
f) Plastic Garden-


a) Hemp
b) Jute
c) Paper bags
d) Leaf Disposables
e) Steel bottles
f) Cellophane, Aluminium for packaging
g) Edible six pack beer rings by saltwater brewer


So these are some of the commercial waste disposal idea taken and implanted by 0800 waste in Waterloo.