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A perfect definition for warehouse it’s a planned space for the storage and handling of goods and material. A warehouse and logistics specialist is responsible for the storage, distribution, inventory management and records maintenance of items in a warehouse. Warehouse logistics is an important component of supply-chain management, which emphasizes the receipt and proper storage of property.

Separate the waste as its source. So at home have blue bin, orange bin and black bin. You can choose any colour you may like. One bin designated for biodegradable waste, one bin will be used for papers etc. and things which are comparatively slow to degrade biologically and the last one is used for no biodegradable trashes. Covert the bio degradable waste into compost and use it as fertilizer in your garden.

To reduce your carbon footprint, you may start to reduce the usage of paper in your house. If you have write things down, use your Smartphone. Do not print until and unless it is absolutely necessary. Always carry your own cloth shopping bag whenever you are going out for shopping. Stop buying newspaper, rather read it online.

There are some start-ups which are promising to convert your daily organic waste in cooking gas and manure. So watch out for new technologies.

Collection of solid wastes is not only the gathering or picking up of solid wastes, but also the hauling of wastes after collection to the location where the collection vehicle is emptied.

It refers to the means, facilities, and appurtenances used to affect the transfer of wastes from relatively small collection vehicles to large vehicles and to transport them over extended distances to either processing centres or disposal sites.

Those techniques, equipment and facilities used both to improve the efficiency of the other functional elements and to recover usable materials, conversion products or energy from solid wastes.

The key to recycling, assuming your city/town has a separate stream to accept it, is to make it easy for you to modify your behaviour. In our house, we added a separate box near the regular trash can. We keep a large reusable shopping bag inside the box into which we put paper, plastic, etc. When it is full, the bag makes it easy to carry the contents to the recycle can outside, which goes to the curb every two weeks. We then put the bag back into the box to fill again.

I suppose we could use a separate trash can with a plastic liner and then throw the contents including the bag into the recycle bin. But that would require changing the behaviour again.

There are essentially two things that are needed from individuals for the cause of effective solid waste management done by the 0800 waste in Victoria.

1. Segregation before disposal.

2. Disposal through the right channels and in the right manner.

Segregation before disposal is a behavioural change. It needs a lot of work at the ground level in developing countries. In advanced countries it is much simpler. You only need to make people aware of the hazards of not doing something. In developing countries you definitely need to make people aware, but you also need to incentivise them to internalise the awareness and change their behaviour accordingly.